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K Bottom Organic Apples with Vent Hole
Job Name: Bostock Organic Apples
Packaging Demand: Custom printing K bottom stand up pouch leaving clear window with vent hole& Hand hole
Quick delivery: the customer has got apples already just waiting for packaging

Custom Solutions provided by BPS:
Packaging Style: K bottom stand Up Pouch
                              Provided our available hand hole mold to saving customer molding cost
                              Suggested our available vent hole to saving molding cost.
Accessory: Zipper
Application: Hang hole, vent hole.K bottom
Material: PET/CPP
Printing: Custom printing according to customer need.
Design Features: Vivid apple with large stretches of different green color to show their concept of organic. Blank print of the bottom of the bag to show their product clearly.


Customer Comments / Feedback: 
“The bag is looking good! The color is so bright, it’s much eye-catching. ”

The customer had rerun this bag in a new updated printing.